low+tritt Television: Justin

As successful as our radio, outdoor and social campaign has been at showcasing Rick Breen's Rapid Lube & Wash as local, approachable, real people, we present our newest media in a collection of television spots designed to further augment the campaign. If you listen closely, you'll even hear that we re-orchestrated the popular "Are You Due?" signature music we originally created in 2011.

low+tritt Television: Matt

low+tritt Television: Cody

low+tritt had an open mic discussion with its first client in North Louisiana.  Hear what the client had to say.

low+tritt created and placed bus benches in strategic locations near Rick Breen's Rapid Lube & Wash.


low+tritt created a multimedia campaign highlighting the experts at each Rick Breen's Rapid Lube & Wash location.


Originally known as three of six "Shell Rapid Lube & Wash" area locations, low+tritt rebranded the client as Rick Breen's Rapid Lube & Wash to help take ownership and differentiate from the other oil change operations in the area.  Capitalizing on expertise and customer care, Rick Breen's Rapid Lube & Wash has risen to premiere status.

low+tritt Radio:  Family

low+tritt Radio:  The Sign

low+tritt Radio:  Sundries