low+tritt was retained to refine the brand, The Toggery.  With over 75 years of history behind its name, low+tritt updated the logo to reflect modern branding and sum up The Toggery experience:  It's a Pleasure.

low+tritt celebrated The Toggery's 75th anniversary through multimedia including this 15-second video for traditional and social media outlets.

low+tritt created a custom music identity to reinforce the pleasure.

low+tritt created several lengths of the music identity, including message on hold and this Holiday version.

low+tritt Radio:  Semi-Annual Sale, For Him.

low+tritt Radio:  Semi-Annual Sale, For Her.

low+tritt Print:  Newsprint creative promoting "half off" one seasonal item.

low+tritt Print:  Newsprint creative promoting legendary pricing on suits, sportcoats and slacks.

low+tritt Direct Mail:  Mailer with detachable gift card for in-store use.

low+tritt redesigned The Toggery's website to showcase rotating seasonal collections as they premiere.