low+tritt was retained by Waller-Singer Chevrolet, a dealership dating back to the early 20th century. Located in Winnsboro, Louisiana, our efforts reflect hometown values and an honest approach to selling automobiles.

Logo redesign for Waller-Singer Chevrolet was our first challenge. Our goal was to coordinate with current Chevrolet initiatives, while retaining the core message of "we do what we say at Waller-Singer Chevrolet".

Here's how #WeDoWhatWeSay by putting video to the (successfully memorable) custom music score for Waller-Singer Chevrolet.

We created this fast-paced :30 TV spot to illustrate Waller-Singer's proximity to surrounding areas.

This warm and friendly radio spot was created to convey the message, "eggs do cost less in the country", reflecting Waller-Singer's hometown value, while introducing its new message, "we do what we say".

We created a custom musical identity for Waller-Singer that maintains a personal feel that is both inviting and motivating, clearly defining its promise that "we do what we say at Waller-Singer Chevrolet".